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Research says that only 8% of people live the life they want for themselves.

So what happens to the 92%?

What holds them back?

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a feeling of being stuck?

constant negative thoughts?

a sense of lack and insecurity?

a profound feeling of loss?




To live the life you truly desire, join me for my Internationally Acclaimed Workshop

"10 Days of Transformation"

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In these 10 days, you will learn the fundamental principle of human existence, that is...


In these 10 days, you will learn about....

  • Creating awareness about your current mental and emotional state

  • Learning to unfold all parts of you, especially the child within

  • Identifying disabling negative messages exercise

  • Reflection through the mirror exercise

  • Body-mind connection and develop your intuition

  • Releasing old stuck emotions like anger, fear, guilt, resentment and criticism

  • Affirmations and Visualisations: An ongoing process

  • Forgiveness: The understated gem of healing

  • How to fulfil your dreams of having prosperity and abundance, fulfilling relationships, job, and career, achieve success, reach your goals

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After these 10 days, you will get a lot of clarity in your thoughts


These new thought patterns will help you manifest your new reality in your....

Relationships, Career, Health, Wealth...

...And Life


This course will comprise of a series of workshops starting 4th December 2023


1 Louise Hay's Point of Philosophy

2 Uncovering negative messages, beliefs and inner child

3 Willingness to Change: Releasing Negative Emotions

4 Forgiveness: A Doorway to Freedom

5 Daily Plan for Loving Yourself

6 Creating Harmonious Relationships

7 Work & Success

8 Money & Prosperity

9 Health

10 Follow-up session

Detailed session plan will be mailed after registration.

Course Fee: Rs 13,500/-

For questions, Whatsapp us at 9354240705

You can also opt to register for individual workshops here...

No upcoming events at the moment
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