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Managing with Heart and Mind

Life is stressful


Work is hectic


I’m not making enough money


I have to constantly prove myself


I feel constant exhaustion and burnout


I feel isolated and misunderstood


My performance is never good enough


I can’t feel joy anymore


If any of the above statements feel true for you then then you may be experiencing ‘Emotional Dissonance at Workplace’. The "Managing with Heart and Mind" workshop is the antidote that alleviates such emotional dissonance and leads to a harmonious organisation.

Managing with Heart and mind -workshops for organisations


We spend a majority of our time at the workplace, and much of that is spent dealing with issues. Some good questions to ask: “Are we happy? Do we experience energy, vitality, joy & fulfilment at work, or do we feel burdened, unhappy & disengaged?”


At any workplace the external environment certainly matters. However, there is an even more important environment that affects us considerably, and that is our inner mental environment.


Often, we do not have control over how other people behave. The good news is that we do have control over how we react to it, and whether we allow it to affect us.


It is time to master the inner game and make a quantum shift from just barely surviving to successfully thriving. Now is time to recognise the abundant potential within and take charge of our own happiness.


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About Priya

Priyaa is a part of a growing global network of 155 specialized "Managing with Heart and Mind" facilitators present across 30 countries and growing. She helps her clients and their teams tap into their intuitive wizdom to live more blissful and conscious professional and personal lives.

She has drive for learning and teaching. Have completed 100+ hours in facilitating in room and online training and 50+hours in coaching globally.



Renu Singh


Teacher & Coach

Hong Kong

I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Priya. I have certain health issues I got in touch with Priya for several healing sessions. Through which she has helped me become more at peace with myself and given me several tools to continue to improve my health and loving more to myself. 

In the first week, I was already seeing remarkable improvements in my pains. With the affirmations guidance and healing, I have learned how to release energy that no longer serves me. I look forward to continuing this journey of learning and healing, and am deeply grateful for the guidance and energetic space Priya  has helped provide. 

Thank you once again dear Priya gratitude grateful

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