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Open workshops

​Do you...

  • often think negative thoughts?

  • feel anxious?

  • believe that it is all “their” fault?

  • criticise yourself and others endlessly?

  • accept unfulfilling relationships as a part of your life?

  • have a sense of lack in your life all the time?

  • experience guilt when you live for yourself?

Love Yourself, Transform Your Life

Research says that only eight percent of people live the life they want for themselves so what happens to the ninety-two percent? What holds them back? – Could it be feeling stuck, constant negative thoughts, a sense of lack and insecurity, a profound feeling of loss and loneliness, stress and anxiety?

So, to conquer that change your thought, change your circumstances!

But how do we do that? Join us for our internationally acclaimed workshops in-person.

These very powerful workshops were originally developed by Louise hay, The best-selling author and motivational speaker. These workshops have been experienced by millions all over the world. Some of the exercises are directly from her book - You Can Heal Your Life, while some are not. This workshop gives participants an intensive format to learn the fundamental principles of human experiences which is our thoughts create our reality.

Most of these negative thoughts occur at a deep subconscious level and if they are not brought to the conscious level they can prove to be detrimental to us and those around us. Brining our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to a conscious level will allow greater healing and this can be done by the following methods; which includes developing awareness of negative beliefs, releasing old stuck emotions and hurtful past experiences, to understand how you can support, accept and approve of yourself to live an authentic life from a space of your power.

Some powerful tools include

  • Creating awareness about your current mental and emotional state

  • Body-mind connection- develop your intuition

  • Learning to unfold all parts of you- the child within

  • Reflection through the mirror exercise

  • Identifying disabling negative messages exercise

  • Learning about thoughts and creating your enabling thought process – affirmation bath

  • Releasing old stuck emotions like anger, fear, guilt, resentment and criticism

  • Bony finger and family dynamics exercise

  • Forgiveness- The understated gem of healing

  • How to love yourself- to conquer self-sabotage

  • How to fulfil your dreams of – having prosperity and abundance, fulfilling relationships, job, and career, achieve success, reach your goals

  • Affirmations and visualisations

  • Circle of love

These are intensive, extremely powerful, and beneficial workshops for those who are looking to create transformation in their lives.

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