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Heart-centered Coaching is for you if...

  • ​you are going through problems related to money, relationships, career or health, or a combination of the above

  • you feel that people around you don't understand your thoughts, feeling and actions

  • you need someone to speak to but don't want to be judged for expressing yourself

  • you want to discover the solution rather than a prescription

Objective of Heart-centered Coaching

Heart centered coaching is about getting your focus away from your problems and focusing your shift to YOUR “self” regardless of the area of life you want to improve upon. 


Benefits of Heart-Centered Coaching​

  • Moves you into a gentle space of awareness from your current state of issues, problems and challenges

  • Listen in on your prominent undesirable “not good” feelings caused by anger, resentment, helplessness, sadness, guilt, complain, and hopelessness

  • Enables you to release the past with safe, secure tried and tested methods

  • Creates a vision for your new and glorious life where you are the leader of your journey

  • Design success in all the areas of life, be it health, finances, relationships, self-esteem, career and spiritual journey

  • Facilitating you to develop your intuition so that you know and follow your heart’s true desire

Sneak peek into the Heart-Centered Coach’s tool kit

coaching tools infographic.webp

What will be the impact of heart-centered coaching on you as a person?

heart centered coaching journey infographic.webp
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