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Excelling with Heart and Mind

Workshops to elevate team consciousness, harmony and productivity

Traditionally, organisations have relied on behavioural trainings to improve productivity of individuals and teams. However, the HR fraternity is becoming increasingly skeptical about behavioural trainings. It is reported that the effects of such behavioural trainings are short-lived.


In our observation, the core reason for this phenomenon is that behavioural trainings do not address the root cause of certain negative, self-sabotaging behaviours in individuals - their consciousness.


Our consciousness is primarily shaped by our past experiences. These experiences, whether positive of negative, shape our beliefs and overall worldview. Every time we find ourselves in a workplace situation, it triggers positive or negative emotions based on similar past experiences. Expecting employees not to bring these beliefs and emotions to the workplace is unreasonable and illogical. Nobody can.


In “Excelling with Heart and Mind” workshops, we help team members become aware of these often negative and self-sabotaging beliefs and related emotions by a series of exercises. We also help them develop new, positive and constructive beliefs which invariably leads to a change in attitude an behaviour. In short, these workshops elevate the consciousness of team members.


Such elevated consciousness at an individual level, usually leads to improve harmony at an interpersonal level and higher productivity at the team level.


Now, can you imagine which team in your organisations needs to elevate their consciousness?


If you want to talk more about this or understand more about how we can help your teams “excel with heart and mind”, feel free to contact us at

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