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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered


What are the areas of life that can be worked on through coaching?

Any issues related to :


Health: Long standing illness, surgeries, trauma caused by injuries or accidents, Life threatening diseases, etc


Career: Moving up the career ladder, can’t deal with change and transition in overall life due to chosen career path, Moving to different cities/countries and adjustment with the local culture there, struggle with performance and work efficiency, competition, struggle with creativity at work.


Money: insufficient income, debts, overspending, addiction to gambling, loss in business


Relationships: Conflicts with family members such as spouse, children, parents, bosses, friends, professors, colleagues or subordinates. Many long standing unresolved issues like grief, loss of a loved one, breakup, divorce, separation, finding a partner


Self: addiction to drugs, sex, alcohol, social media, shopping etc. Extreme introversion or extroversion (which is affecting your daily life and interactions), a general sense of sadness, betrayal, depression, anxiety, stress or need for perfection, discovering your life’s purpose and blocks in pursuing a spiritual path


How does it work?

Once you book a discovery call with me. We meet at a Zoom call (I prefer). I’m ok with hangout, facetime and skype too. Depending on your country’s availability of connection, time zones and our mutual preference.


What is a discovery call?

It is our first contact call. Where I gather information about you so that a plan for your coaching needs can be created and delivered to you.


What is the duration of a discovery call?

90 minutes.


What will you get out of the discovery call?

Depending on the information you share with me through prior assessment documents. As a heart centred coach, I am able to gauge the primary issue or most pressing problem in your life at the moment. I’ll assist you in creating a life you truly desire and achieving life balance. This session will be action and solution oriented.


How can you (client) can help me (coach) to help you?

Provide all the correct information to me which I require to the best of your abilities.


Will all my issues/problem be resolved after the first discovery call?

No. A discovery call will be the first step towards your coaching journey.


What happens after the discovery call?

Depending on the package you select, with mutual agreement you will receive further assessments, coaching agreement and a payment link. Payments (investment for coaching is to be paid a 100% in advance and is non-refundable)


What if you are not able to attend the session on the given date?

You’ll need to inform my office at least three hours in advance. We can reschedule it (not more than two times in a month) with mutual agreement.


Would the session be recorded?



What will you receive from me?

Before the session a report on your growth work, assessments as applicable. After the session you will receive emails which will guide you about the growth work.


What is a growth work?

Depending on our discussion in the session you will receive certain reflection exercises, tools and techniques as handouts which will help you in the progress and betterment of your situation.

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