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Are you facing these issues?

Relationship troubles
Career Problems
Financial issues

Do you often tell yourself...

"No one understands me"
"People judge me when I speak to them about these issues"
"I don't know whom to speak to"

Speak to me.

Priya Shukla
Priya Shukla,
Founder, Intuitive Wizdom

I am a Heart-centered Coach.


Licensed and Certified by 'Heart Inspired USA'


100+ clients


Over 500 coaching hours


Based on the philosophy of "You Can Heal Your Life".

I will listen to you.

I have personally benefitted from
Heart-centered Coaching.

I was dealing with many such issues in my life. Coaching helped me resolve my problems related to relationships, money, career and health.
In my coach, I felt that I finally found someone who heard me out without judging me. Someone who helped me discover my own answers rather than just giving advice.

I now live a life full of joy, clarity, good health, wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Heart-centered Coaching.


Emotional Benefits

  • Removes fear

  • Makes you love yourself unconditionally

  • Removes guilt

  • makes you optimistic about overcoming your problems

  • leaves you feeling confident, inspired and enthusiastic about creating your new future


Mental Benefits

  • Improves understanding of how thoughts and emotions work scientifically

  • Raises your self-awareness levels drastically

  • Reduces external triggers

  • Gives courage to overcome problems


Physical Benefits

  • Makes you disciplined

  • Increased focus on mental and physical health

  • Gives you the power to manifest what you desire

  • Significantly Improves Relationships

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Leaves you feeling light and unburdened

"I will help you work on your thoughts and emotions. Things within you and around you will start changing. Automatically."

What is Heart-centered Coaching

  • Multiple One-on-one sessions

  • Online or Offline

  • Safe, non-judgemental environment

  • Starts with discovery session

  • Deep dive into your current situation

  • Identifying root causes for your thoughts and feelings

  • Resolving them using the Heart-centered method

Kedar Kulkarni, Dubai

"I like how Priya can glean out those thoughts, feeling and emotions from within me which I had never expressed earlier. I find her very gentle in her approach. Her recommendations are very practical and implementable."

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