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My Story

Almost a decade ago, I was having the life of my dreams- the “perfect” career, flowing income, a wonderful relationship. I was living in the big city of my dreams where I could fulfil all my desires. All the boxes for the plan of life were ticked off and yet I found myself stuck on the hospital bed asking myself the very existential questions of life.


I took a closer look and realised that there was a lot of pain, sense of suffering and grief. And the current life is only mirroring what had actually been a life-long impression.


The process of healing and recovery was quite frightening with no clue of what lies ahead. And yet there was a small, still voice which was urging me to have faith. And so I did.


The beginning of a healing journey can feel very overwhelming as we don’t know the where and how to begin? Who to talk to? What to trust?


And yet , If you are willing to take this very small step even with little faith, your inner world will blossom and respond with lasting joy and bliss.



A lotus in a pond

My credentials

I am a Bachelors in Microbiology, Masters in Plant sciences and Double Masters in Sustainable Development

My certifications:

  • Train the trainer course

  • Neuro-linguistic programming Practitioner

  • Quantum transformation coach

  • Internationally licensed and certified Heal your life seminar leader, coach and business trainer

  • Marketing made easy expert

  • Creative writing

  • Success academy

  • Mastering assertiveness

  • Embracing Change

  • Building resilience

  • No more Drama-The transactional analysis

  • Handling difficult conversations

  • Managing conflict with ease

  • Developing emotional intelligence


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