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The Magic of Affirmations

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Louise Hay (1926 - 2017)
Founder of Hay House International
Author and Motivational Speaker

We use words all the time. Research indicates that on an average we use about 7,000 to 20,000 words per day to communicate with others and think close to about a million thoughts which also consists of strings of words in our mind.


How many of these words are empowering?


Unfortunately, 99% of these words and thoughts end up as negative self-talk. We usually end up criticising ourselves repeatedly to the point where we can’t see anything good or positive about us.


Words, if used carefully, can lift us up from such negativity to a world where we embrace our negatives and positives, no matter what. We begin to love ourselves unconditionally. And such words are called Affirmations.


LOUISE L. HAY  an internationally acclaimed author and Founder of the publishing company HAY HOUSE is known as the “queen of Affirmations”. We will be using affirmation techniques based on her guidance to honour her contribution in this area of self-empowerment.





Affirmations have helped millions of people worldwide to live the kind of life they desire – one full of joy, confidence, prosperity and love.


Join me for my upcoming FREE 60 minutes workshop called - THE MAGIC OF AFFIRMATIONS


Here we will:

  • Learn all about affirmations - an extremely powerful manifestation tool to fulfil your needs and desires

  • Benefits of Affirmations and how they help you love yourself unconditionally

  • How to use Affirmations correctly

  • Incorporate Affirmations in your daily practices with ease and joy


In this workshop, you will also get:

  • Notes on how to write your own affirmations

  • Ready made affirmations for your personal life, health, money, success, career and relationships

  • Custom made affirmations on request

  • Loving Affirmation Treatment



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Participants speak...

Ruth, Thailand

"You have opened my eyes to the true reason why I have a hard time with money or better said allowing money to come to me."

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