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“I’m never treated with respect”

“I’m treated like a doormat. Nobody cares about me.”

“I’m never heard.”

“I’m never valued.”

“I feel like I’m taken for granted.”

“Whatever I do, it’s never good enough.”

“It’s always my fault."

Are your relationships hard to manage?

"Creating Harmonious Relationships"
workshop is just for you

In this workshop we will be talking about how to create harmonious relationships - with friends, family, coworkers, bosses and intimate relationships.

Internationally Acclaimed Workshop conducted in 70+ countries every year
Over 100,000 have attended and benefitted from this workshop

Conducted by licensed trainers
Pink Sugar

Benefits of the workshop

  • You become aware of your own patterns in relationships

  • You rejoice in knowing that you are the creator of your own reality not a mere victim of circumstances

  • You feel empowered

  • You’ll live with a deeper sense of calm and confidence

Changing your core beliefs and emotions about relationships can help you create harmonious ones.

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Workshop details:

'Creating Harmonious Relationships'

A 1.5 hour workshop to transform your relationships

Friday, 27th October 2023

4:00 - 5:30 PM IST


Online on Google Meet

Investment Rs 799/- only

What we will learn in the workshop

  • Open the session with reflection exercise

  • Do awareness exercise about our relationships

  • Learn about 5 principles that help in understanding relationships

  • create harmony in relationships

  • Growth work

  • Close the session with another brilliant reflection exercise

In this workshop you will also get:

  • Handouts on 5 principles that help us understand the relationships

  • Affirmation treatment for relationships

Ruth, Thailand

"You have opened my eyes to the true reason why I have a hard time with money or better said allowing money to come to me."

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