Heart-centered Coaching with Priya

Based on the work of Louise Hay, world renowned author of the best selling book 'You can Heal Your Life' and champion of the self-love movement

Based on 'Heal Your Life' philosophy by Louise Hay


Louise Hay's book 'You Can Heal Your Life' has sold over 50 Million copies worldwide.

In this book, Louise Hay (1926 - 2017) shares her journey of a lifetime of abuse, disease and suffering and how she healed herself. She explains the power of thoughts and how they cause 'dis'ease in our mind and body. Finally, she reveals the secret about how to heal your mind and body by doing 'inner work'.

Louise has written several books on this subject. Her work has helped millions of people worldwide not only recover from their suffering but also lead blissful lives.

About Priya

Priyaa specializes in Heart-centered Coaching - a unique coaching methodology which facilitates you to develop your intuition so that you know and follow your heart’s true desire. She is a part of a growing global network of 155 specialized facilitators present across 30 countries and growing. She helps her clients tap into their intuitive wizdom to live more blissful and conscious lives.

She has drive for learning and teaching. Have completed 100+ hours in facilitating in room and online training and 50+hours in coaching globally.



Renu Singh


Teacher & Coach

Hong Kong

I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Priya. I have certain health issues I got in touch with Priya for several healing sessions. Through which she has helped me become more at peace with myself and given me several tools to continue to improve my health and loving more to myself. 

In the first week, I was already seeing remarkable improvements in my pains. With the affirmations guidance and healing, I have learned how to release energy that no longer serves me. I look forward to continuing this journey of learning and healing, and am deeply grateful for the guidance and energetic space Priya  has helped provide. 

Thank you once again dear Priya gratitude grateful