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4 Pillars of Heal Your Life coaching-Awareness, Transformation, Creation and Reinforcement

Have you ever set a goal and have found it almost impossible to achieve? Most coaching session are about having professional success. In Heal your life coaching we focus on all the areas of life and especially the one person you have most neglected in the process of growing up- YOU! So it isn’t long ago that I figured out that we all go through life pretty much the same way. We live in a body that needs maintenance at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Our body derives its fuel from the food we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. At a spiritual level, we have our strong connection or disconnection with the soul. However, as a society everything we feel is tagged as good or bad. Some feelings and emotions are referred as positive while others as negative. What we fail to understand is that these negative feelings or emotions are the cue that there is something in our life that needs our attention. Coaching is a wonderful process of self-discovery where with the help of a third person (a coach) , who is completely objective with your situations, you can co-create your desired life. Coaching often helps you to move toward your goals and away from your blocks. Who is a heal your life coach? A heal your life coach is a highly specialised and skilled professional who has gone through tremendous training and practice at a very deep emotional and mental level themselves. The idea of heal your life philosophy is deeply satiated in self-love. Now this may sound very simple but not as simple to achieve. We all come into this world as small babies, with a clean slate. Over time we are disciplined by our elders, care-givers, parents, teachers, relatives etc. So when we grow-up we are actually a by-product of all that conditioning. As we go through life we realise that a majority of that teaching and conditioning is redundant now. And yet we are operating through them as they are deeply engrained in our subconscious.So it is really important to upgrade our thought process simply as we would upgrade our gadgets. What can a heal your life coach do for YOU? Coaching in sports is a very common practice. However, life skills coaching is a process which started after the new millennium and it was given only to corporate employees to improve their performances but now coaching is provided at an individual level to go through life successfully. We go through life, often, in a negative frame and we need a support system who can help us in exploration of a more positive one. A coach can make you AWARE of your blind spots. Hold a beautiful space for TRANSFORMATION. Can be a CO-CREATOR in your journey and REINFORCES your desired outcomes until they become a reality in your world. I have met many people on this journey and more than often, people come to me and express a concrete belief that they are not good enough and most problems would go away or get solved if something or someone could change. In reality, the only person we can change is ourselves. Once we commit to work on ourselves all the other experiences in our life are transformed too. Through Heal your Life coaching we are definite to conquer the negative and build more self-love with in us and more love around us.

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