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A post which is not wishing you Happy New Year…

In my recent conversations with many clients and friends, I found out that all reported 2022 to be a year running really fast like a year on the treadmill.

There was really no time to reflect. When we are mostly giving into the grind with just doing same old actions it will give us same old results. Nothing can change from that space. As:

When the wind feels chilly

And the weather feels quiet

Nothing changes on the surface of earth

as dim feels sunlight

I am reminded by nature

To pause and reflect

And take a stock of my life.

While some of us are in the festive mood and looking for a cheer.

Here is what I urge you to do as we approach the calendar new year

Highlight your achievements

And celebrate your failures

5 things that went well in the last year

5 things I honour the most about myself and my near and dear

5 learnings I gathered in the passing year

5 things that will help me to stand in my power minus the fear

Don’t be in a rush to celebrate the calendar new year yet

Life wants you to look at many ifs and buts

Go within and explore the inner world

Before you clink the glasses

And sing the happy new year

Clean the dust on the mirror

Look, someone has been waiting for you there.

I’m not a poet. These lines came to me naturally this morning. And I did what I do best. I listen to my inner guidance system and I share.

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