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"I dont' take care of my body"
"I procrastinate on things a lot"
"I criticise myself endlessly"
"I become afraid when I leave my comfort zone"
"I give up on my dreams easily"
"I feel guilty when I live for myself"
"I am afraid of being judged by other people"
"I often tend to think negative thoughts"
"I accept unfulfilling relationships as part of my life"
Are these thoughts coming in the way of achieving your dreams and leading a fulfilling life?

Do you want to know the root cause of these thoughts?


It's not mental illness as clinical psychologists would tell you.

In her bestselling book "You Can Heal Your Life" (over 50 Million copies sold globally), Louise Hay says that our thoughts create our reality. If we learn to love ourselves, we will create loving thoughts.
Author: Louise Hay
The problem most often is:

We don't love ourselves enough

I got introduced to"You Can Heal Your Life"
by Louise Hay

I found this book when I found myself in the dumps of a degenerative neurological condition. Initially, I could not relate to the concepts. But later, when I got trained about them, I am now able to understand the power of how our thoughts create our reality. I am now guiding others by helping them to know and apply Louise's work in their lives and create lasting transformation.
I used to
  • Have negative beliefs about money, health, career, relationships

  • Worry a lot

  • Be generally pessimistic about life and opportunities

After reading the book
  • I carefully choose what I think and say

  • I stopped criticising myself

  • I started accepting and loving myself the way I am

  • I worry less

  • My relationships are more harmonious

  • I pursue my passion as my work

  • My mental and physical health has drastically improved

I now live a life full of joy, confidence,
self-esteem and prosperity.

Benefits of the "Heal Your Life" webinar


Emotional Benefits

  • Gives hope, optimism about life

  • Makes you comfortable with "negative emotions"

  • Release past emotional baggage

  • Loving and accepting yourself unconditionally

  • Unburdening and relief from past guilt


Mental Benefits

  • Give clarity in thinking about life in general

  • Prevents overthinking

  • Improves mental health

  • Prevents self-sabotage

  • Becoming more self-aware


Physical Benefits

  • Leads to conscious living

  • Better sleep and food habits

  • Overall energetic feeling

  • Less outbursts of anger and irritation

  • Better self-care

  • Improve relationships

Changing your core beliefs and thoughts about life,makes you more confident, conscious, stress-free and joyful.

What we will learn in the webinar

  • Intention setting

  • Get unstuck from limiting past experiences

  • Get introduced to the new thought cycle

  • Uncover negative beliefs that don't support you and gently release them through mindful exercise

  • Rediscover new and powerful ways of thinking

  • Learn ways to love yourself and support yourself unconditionally

Ruth, Thailand

"You have opened my eyes to the true reason why I have a hard time with money or better said allowing money to come to me."

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life

FREE Webinar . Online on Google Meet

Wednesday, 14th Feb 2023, 7-8 PM IST

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