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12 Steps to Self-Love

Friday .
15th December 2023 .
4-6 PM IST

Cozy Winter
Faded Sandpaper

December is the time when we seek some solace, peace warmth and comfort. As we prepare for the upcoming Solstice (Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs around December 21st each year when the North Pole is tilted farthest away from the sun.) What better person to share this warmth and comfort than your own self?

Very often we want to move forward and achieve it all however, there are parts within us that has become long lost and forgotten. These parts very often show up as those unwilling blocks which we are not ready to accept, acknowledge and involve. When we accept all parts of ourselves, we feel whole and complete which gives us courage to live our life to the fullest in the face of adversity.

Join me for a power packed 2 hours workshop called - "12 Steps to Self-Love" and get ready to open the doorway for the new opportunities that are waiting for you to show up!

In this workshop we will discover :

A Relaxing meditation to connect with yourself

Why it’s essential to love yourself and how it impacts the world

The number one thing to stop doing

How to get over past hurts

Learn to love your negatives

Affirmations to Empower yourself

Creating a new version of yourself


Here you will also get:

🎁A 45 minute free one on one bonus coaching session with me

📝 Pre- written affirmations for your personal growth, enhancing you self-confidence and self-esteem

📝Notes on "How to Love yourself unconditionally"

📝Establishing a daily plan for your spiritual and self- growth

📝Loving Affirmation Treatment for all the areas of your life

🎶Ending the session with a perfect song for Loving yourself

When : Friday, December 15th I 4-6 PM IST

Where: Online on Google Meet

Investment: ₹1,499

Elegant Paper
Wood Panel

Participants speak...

Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes
Ruth, Thailand

"You have opened my eyes to the true reason why I have a hard time with money or better said allowing money to come to me."

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