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Loan EMI defaults
Illiquid Assets
Credit Card Debt
Pending client payments
Property disputes
Stock market losses
Are your expenses more than your income?
Are you struggling to save and invest money?

Are you in a financial mess?

"Loving Money, Creating Wealth" Workshop is just
for you

Internationally Acclaimed Workshop conducted in 70+ countries every year
Over 100,000 have attended and benefitted from this workshop

Conducted by licensed trainers who have overcome odds and created wealth themselves

My wealth creation journey

I used to have...
  • Negative beliefs about money

  • Poor spending habits

  • mediocre job and income

  • Hopelessness in life about lack of wealth

After the workshop,
I started
  • Loving Money

  • Amending my spending habits

  • Creating multiple income streams

  • Having a positive attitude and confidence towards wealth creation

I am now
  • an entrepreneur, master of my own time

  • a HNI (High Net Worth Individual)

  • living in my dream house at one of the best location of my city

  • having ample savings and investments in assets

I now live a life full of wealth,

abundance and prosperity.

Attend my workshop to know how I did it.

Benefits of the workshop


Emotional Benefits

  • Gives hope

  • Makes you comfortable talking money matters

  • makes you love money

  • removes fear of failing

  • makes you optimistic about success

  • leaves you feeling confident, inspired and enthusiastic about creating wealth


Mental Benefits

  • Changes your attitude towards improving income

  • Unleashes your creative energy to creating wealth

  • Increases your risk appetite

  • Gives courage to pursue your dream

  • Improves understanding of how money and the energy of money works


Physical Benefits

  • Improves spending habits

  • Makes you work efficiently

  • Gradually reduces debt

  • Makes you work towards creating multiple income streams

  • Gives you crystal clear clarity about money, wealth and your future

Changing your core beliefs and emotions about money and wealth, opens up opportunities for wealth creation.

What we will learn in the workshop

  • Uncovering your limiting beliefs about money

  • Universal principles of money and wealth creation

  • Guided awareness and release exercises

  • Cultivating new thought patterns

  • Guided imagery

  • Reflection Exercise

Ruth, Thailand

"You have opened my eyes to the true reason why I have a hard time with money or better said allowing money to come to me."

Faded Shapes

Workshop details:

Loving Money,
Creating Wealth

A 3 hour weekend workshop

to transform your financial life



9 - 10 September 2023

11 AM to 12:30 PM (both days)


Online on Google Meet

Investment Rs 1,499/- only

Pay via UPI code below and

share screenshot via Whatsapp

on 9354240705 to register

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Not sure whether to register? Ask your queries here.

Thanks for submitting! Please make. payment via UPI by scanning the QR code below.

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