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Heart-centered Coaching

Updated: May 31, 2023

I love you! and I mean it.

Why I am able to say this because:

behind your fears your rage and tears I see your shining star, and I love you just the way you are…” these are the lines from one of the famous songs from the workshops I lead.

I was once told by my trainer in my early days of training, “what starts at a heart level only has the potential to go deeper”. In my more than a decade of working experience with organisations, small and big alike this advice has never let me down in fact, it gave me an edge.

In a country and culture like ours where we are now mushroomed with upcoming startups, teach giants, headhunters and needless to say the venture capitalist of the world, we talk about the culture. So, are we really willing to let our guards down and see the person beyond the titles, designations and net worth? Leave alone others. Are we willing to see the real person in the mirror we see every morning?

What is a heart? Is it a picture drawn on the walls of the ruins of a city? Is it the sleazy songs of Bollywood? A commodity that can be exchanged. Is it only for sentimentalists? What really comes to your mind when you think of a heart? And why focus on it? Why not the head or the mind or the intelligence?

Let us find out. I lead groups, workshops and coaching session where I teach people about self-love which is well known to be positioned at the heart. Self-love is a very important aspect of life. Which we are totally unaware of or ignorant about or mistake it with selfishness.

Now let me take you through a little journey, something very basic, back in time… Remember the time when we were born, how do you think that happens? Yeah, the egg from the mother’s body was fertilised with the sperm from the father. Yes. We all know that story. But do you reckon that there was a third life force which is present. It is your divine spark, your God force.

Science has also proved it that when you take picture of an egg fertilising with a sperm under the electron microscope a light can be seen entering it. Similarly, the same light can be seen leaving the body when a person takes their last breath. So, what is this force?

It is the spirit, the light, God, atman or your own higher self. This “self” is there with us right from the time we first come into existence to the time we leave our bodies. This force is seen in all life forms weather it is blossoming buds, a calf, a cub or a kitten.

Now, I would like you to raise your index finger of your right hand and wriggle it around and point it towards yourself. It is amazing how most of us point it towards our chest and not our head. This proves that the perception of self comes from our heart. Now press your finger gently against your heart in the center of the chest. (our spiritual heart lies in the center while the physical heart is on the left).

It feels so amazing to connect ourselves to our heart. The ultra-sound report reveals that the first organ developing in the human body is the heart. Ever wondered why?

Now connecting it back to self-love, when we recognize the higher force within ourselves, we have no reason to judge ourselves. We are willing to let go of all the self-criticism. Hence all the negative feelings of stress, pain, anxiety, suffering slowly starts to dissolve.

Can you imagine a life where there is no blame, no guilt, no anger, no fear, no judgement and no resentment? Yes, it is totally possible to create a life full of peace, harmony, trust and love. And the best part is we are the co-creators of this life.

We are not the silent observers or victims but empowered individuals full of love, acceptance and we have the capacity to radiate out the same love and acceptance for others.

A heart-centered coaching session may flow like the following:

Moving you into a gentle space of awareness from your current state of issues, problems and challenges.
Listening in on your prominent undesirable “not good” feelings caused by anger, resentment, helplessness, sadness, guilt, complain, and hopelessness.
Enabling you to release the past with safe, secure tried and tested methods.
Creating a vision for your new and glorious life. Where you are the leader of your journey.
Designing success in all the areas of life, be it health, finances, relationships, self-esteem, career and spiritual journey
Facilitating you to develop your intuition so that you know and follow your heart’s true desire.

A heart-centered coaching is directly linked to your image of self and how through that lens you perceive the world around you.

Anne ward, a PhD in business administration with specialisation in organisational psychology, a doctoral candidate in NCU North central university, San Diego, CA. asserts that- “The ties between self-image and self-esteem are more important to you and your organisation than you might think. Employee performance is important in making bottom line revenue growth. Someone with high self-image will be satisfied with work performance and be more productive.”

Need more inspiration? To learn about how I got out of a life-threatening situation, read more about my work and how I can help you.

Your coach in making your life eminent and celebrated!

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