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Money, Forgiveness and Love

Updated: May 15, 2023

I had the nerve to put these three words in one sentence as a title. Because to me they are not separate they are inter-related. Read on to find out more.

Money has been a very sensitive issue for centuries now. For some of us it is hard to earn, for others it is hard to save and even for some it is really a challenge to spend and let go. In this blog, whatever your beliefs are about money you will able to relate to it and see it from a fresh perspective.

I grew up with the belief that “rich people are not nice”. Remember most of the Indian movies in eighties and nineties had the main protagonist as a poor person. And the villain was shown as a rich, cruel, bad person. The terms like filthy rich and dirty money has been going around for many years now. Since my subconsciousness belief was always that rich people are not nice I resisted making money. Because in my value system being nice was more important than being rich. This belief system obviously made me very resentful in my own path and journey to success. Despite having a decent educational background, I always only managed to earn just enough for my survival. This could be true to you too.

Let us look at some very common beliefs about money, which we were told:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“You have to work really hard to earn money”

“Live within your means”

Now let me explain how our upbringing has a major role in the way we deal with money. Our parents/relatives/teachers/ friends whoever influenced us in our formative years. Including the movies and media we were exposed to, tend to be our role models in all the areas of our lives. If these authority figures and mediums believed in poverty, lack and struggle then that is what they passed on to us.

Money and forgiveness: It is amazing to see how money can trigger many emotional reactions in us. Emotions like anger, fear, manipulation with guilt, criticism and even resentment. Money really doesn’t have any value. It is just a means of exchange but when we attach emotions to it, it feels like a big deal. I don’t think people fight over money. They fight because they have either or all the above unresolved emotions. Money is just there on the periphery, but it may appear like a root cause. The solution to all these problems lies in forgiveness. Either you have something, someone or some situation to forgive (it could even be your own self). Once you have done your work, money will reveal itself like an open secret. In fact, it comes rushing into your life.

If you can keep your emotions out of it, you will see how free you can be.

Money and its forms: Wealth doesn’t come to us just in the form of money. There is greater demonstration of wealth other than money. There is health which is very precious and irreplaceable. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (a degenerative neurological condition) seven years ago and I stopped taking my health for granted. My diagnosis doesn’t hold any meaning for me anymore as my body has demonstrated perfect health ever since I have started treating it with respect. There are other areas of wealth also, like; relationships, creativity, comfort, time, beauty etc. You may be rich financially but can be poor in any of the above areas.

Deservability: We want all the abundance in the world, but do we feel deserving of it? If you were told that you need to work really hard to make ends meet, then you will be subconsciously pushing away all your good because it did not come to you through hard work. Read it again if you must. It sounds simple but deservability plays a major role in letting a flow of good into our life.

Ability to pay: “Love your bills”- says Louise hay, An author of an internationally bestselling book, you can heal your life. She says bills, credit, loan means someone has placed their trust on your ability to pay. When I first read her ideas on prosperity and money, I was both amused and relived as these ideas are very simple and practical to adapt. However, the only connection between us and our good lies in our consciousness.Once you can ditch the programming of years from your consciousness and let go the past then, it becomes easier to create what you truly desire.

Money and love: When you can let go and do your inner work then it becomes very simple and easy to manifest money with love.

“I am Open and receptive to all good”

How does it feel when you say /read this sentence to yourself?

Does it feel awkward? Silly? Or perhaps you are even a little angry?

If you are having any feeling other than an acceptance with a deep sense of gratitude, then you were told otherwise about your life.

The above sentence is a universal truth. Just like the sun rises from the east. It is called an affirmation.

Money is perhaps an important issue. But if we look deeper into the matter, then we realise that money can bring only freedom. We all long for freedom in every area of our lives, be it our relationships, job or even our image of self. We think money is the answer but, it is not.

A study in America has proved that majority of the lottery winners end up broke within a few years of winning the lottery. So, is it really about the money? We are about some seven point two billion people on this planet and the total estimated wealth is some seventy- five trillion US dollars including the resources rich people own and only about one percent of the total population in this world is considered rich. (source google of course) Ever wondered why? The answer lies in our consciousness and interestingly it has nothing to do with the amount of money we have.

Our consciousness plays a greater role in creating our life.

I’m conducting a workshop on Money and the role of consciousness in manifesting it.

This workshop will…





This workshop comprises assessments of awareness exercises, visualizations and meditation. It will help you overcome the obstacles that have been coming in the way of a prosperous life.

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