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Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

Are you hungry for a more fulfilling life? then order up! We are open.” — The Universe.

I got ordering from the cosmic kitchen- the book during my two day you can heal your life workshop, back in 2013. I was both surprised and amused with the title. I was looking to learn more about power of affirmation and creating the life of my desire through manifestation and over all have power over my health, career and finances. Guess what? This book is just that. It gave me the freedom to create the life I always wanted with very simple, practical and hands on tools.

After my diagnosis with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I was looking for a healthy lifestyle. The method suggested by my neurologist was not acceptable to me as it required administration of drugs with side effects and suffering. I decided to take the matter in my own hand and begin my healing journey. I learnt Reiki, connecting with the angels, the power of the subconscious mind and affirmations. When I combined these healing modalities together it gave me tremendous results.

Today, with my work, I am at a point where all my good flows into my life, easily and effortlessly. I have acquired a wisdom and awareness to look beyond the surface in the face of the challenges. My biggest motivation in offering this work is that the more I teach the more I learn.

To know more about my healing journey please see About section.

How cosmic chef helped me with my career and finances?

So here I was in New Delhi, as my husband got promoted at work and it involved us moving. As a newly married, urban couple we had incurred debt like our education loan, car loan etc. Moving to a new city had its own expenses too. After my diagnosis It was evident that I couldn’t have worked full-time, so we were totally dependent on my husband’s earning for survival. As I learnt the ideas about cosmic chef I wanted to apply these ideas in my life. So, I started but since I had no experience, I had no expectation from the results and that was the key in my manifestation journey. At the same time, I worked very diligently with the concepts. With in a year we were free from our debt and had very stable finances. I started working as a part time corporate trainer for well-known business schools in Delhi-NCR and did well for myself financially. It was both, fulfilling and rewarding.

So, what is a cosmic kitchen?

Now let us begin by getting to know this unique skill called- Ordering from the cosmic kitchen. Imagine that the universe is like a cosmic kitchen with infinite menu, just waiting to take and fulfil your orders. From that Analogy a book was written by Dr. Patricia Crane. I am certified and licensed by her company called Heart Inspired, USA. I teach this wonderful work in form of a loving, gentle and fun workshop. In my experience, workshops are equally powerful as reading the book as it enables you to get out and meet with like- minded people. Workshop also means doing the “work” for best possible results. In this workshop there are many exercises, carefully crafted for reflection, sharing with partners, meditation, visualization and affirmations all designed to create tremendous insights and shifts. All this is a very vital part of healing the past and manifestation.We also provide a space where you can share as openly or as discreetly as you like. The choice always lies with you.

Why ordering from the cosmic kitchen is important?

Creating a life of our desire, according to me is a very important life skill. We need not go through life as victims but simply can take matters in our hands. Unfortunately, this important life skill wasn’t imparted to us by the authority figures or the institutions in our life. Hence, all the pain and suffering.

Have you ever ordered a meal “recommended” by others, totally ignoring your own gut feeling and later regretted it? Well if we don’t let others decide what we shall have for a meal then, why our life is governed by the “pressure of the society”? We cannot have yesterday’s leftover for a healthy, nutritious meal for today. Then why are we letting our past govern our present?

To end all the struggle and challenges we need to become an active co-creator in our life’s story, instead of a silent spectator.

How to order from the cosmic kitchen?

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a meal but once the dish arrived, you realise this is not what you wanted. However, now you cannot send it back as in a typical restaurant order once placed cannot be cancelled. Well, that’s not the case with our cosmic chef. You sure may not be able to return the dish but can place your order again. As our cosmic chef works tirelessly in fulfilling our orders. So, here is a word of caution, be careful of what you wish for as it always comes true!

The universe needs to see people in action as we take the action we are sending a strong message to the universe that you are ready to have the life you always desired. Remember the adage “action speaks louder than words”. Well, the cosmic chef aka universe follows it to the core. So, in the workshop we learn to create affirmations that best suit our orders. Learn to place our orders in the language that our cosmic chef comprehends the best. In the workshop we teach you how to articulate the affirmation that works best for you and then action steps to achieve it.

I am conducting ordering from the cosmic kitchen- the workshop on

Date: Saturday, 22nd Feb. 2020

Time: 11 AM to 4 PM

Place: Delhi-NCR, India

Investment: 4000/- (Prior registration is mandatory)

For early bird discount register by 15th February 2020.

To register please email me at or contact me/whatsapp on my mobile no.+91 85279 25777

You can follow me on instagram and facebook as I regularly post affirmations and ideas on self-growth and self improvement.

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