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The Entrepreneur’s world

I Live in Gurgaon, or Gurugram. Two things are famous in Gurgaon, Shopping malls and start-ups.

I often see, meet and read about budding entrepreneurs who have set out to make it big and I have recently joined the club. The small voice in me would not let me rest on the bed of my new found motherhood. I just cannot have my baby’s little arms wrapped around me, when I know I have a calling similar to those, who are committed not just to succeed but to make a shift. So what separates us from the rest? The drive and the zeal to make a shift, to make it happen, to be there, come what may, and mostly the real thought is- to end the suffering, the pain.

Yes, we are crazy. We don’t follow the rules or bend them. In reality for us, there are no rules. We will do whatever it takes to “make it happen”. Sometimes we are bold, sometimes we are audacious. We don’t believe in carrot or stick, we believe in love, kindness, compassion and mutual trust. We don’t believe in thinking outside the box, we believe that there is no box and the possibilities are endless. We are not problem solvers we are problem abolishers. We try, we fall, we fight, we rise, we walk our talk and we do not stop until we see the shift.

We don’t believe in culture; we believe in obsession.

We know the old ways will not serve our species on this planet, we cannot rest on the food pyramid anymore. Our ideas are not about change; our ideas are about evolution. We talk to animals, plants, angels, crystals, earth and water. We not just get out of our comfort zone but we take a dive, a leap of faith which is often risky, we know we can’t rest without leaving our mark on this planet and be one with the creation. We are innovators, globetrotters, fund raisers, coders, animal rescuers, bird nest builders and tree growers. We are the citizens of this planet. We are weird, we are global, we are non-formal and non-hassled. We are vulnerable, we drop our barriers in a blink. We pick up things from scratch and build them into marvels.

We are dreamers, we are creators, we, my friend, are entrepreneurs.

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