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We have criticised ourselves for so long. Now let us try loving ourselves

Whenever I observe people talking about themselves, I always hear a lot of criticism. They criticise their looks, their jobs, their house, cars, assets, money, staff and support, their spouses, relatives and even children. I was also once like that, I would criticise and complain about almost everything. So have you heard of an old saying- “what you give out is what you get back”. When we criticise, ourselves we get more and more reasons to complain. How can our good ever come from such a situation? Criticising myself constantly, handed me a degenerative condition for my nerve cells so I tried loving myself and when I could truly establish that deep connection between my mind and my body, all the areas were inevitably healed.

Here the idea is to break that downward spiral and take the power back in your hands.

“If we do not love ourselves, we cannot possibly love others”

“Ever felt you are always the one giving too much in all your relationships? You have many friends but no real close, intimate ties. You feel lost, lonely and empty? you always want others to tell you what to do? You are always seeking validation from others? Well, these feelings are deep rooted in not being good enough and hence not loving yourself.”

“Fear is one of the biggest block in loving ourselves”

“So, what can we achieve in absence of fear? The possibilities are endless. May be deep down that is our biggest fear. Maybe we fear our own magnificence. We know that if we can fly in sky, dive deep in sea, connect everything using algorithms, create virtual world in front of our eyes, build skyscrapers. we can do anything. How can we ever measure our limitlessness? We know that we are here to achieve excellence and not mediocrity.” (excerpts from my blog )

“Forgiveness and healing the past opens the doorway to love”

Ha. Sounds too good to be true? it is not. What forgiveness can possibly have to do with loving myself? And past it happened in past it is over and done it doesn’t affect our present. I had similar thoughts before I was introduced to this work. I was in for a surprise that once I decided to clean up my mental closet what all showed up. If you want to make a lasting impact, completely overcome all your blocks and challenges then looking within is very vital. This is what exactly sets this workshop apart from others. In this workshop the environment is totally conducive for healing. It is safe, gentle and discreet. Participants coming to the workshop always leave with a lasting impact on their mind, a strong motivation to take their power back and no more being the victim but an active co-creator in their life’s story.

How do we love ourselves: here are some brief simple steps of loving yourself, I explain these steps in detail and How to love yourself in my workshops and coaching sessions.

· Stop all criticism

· Do not scare yourself with the outcome

· Support yourself

· Love your negatives

· Always take care of your mind and body

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