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Heart-centered Coaching - Discovery Call

  • 1 h
  • 4,850 Indian rupees
  • Video Conference

Service Description

Life coaching is one to one consultation with someone who wants guidance in making life changes. The process is designed to help the person assess their entire lives. Life coaching is an interactive process between equals. It is action and solution-oriented. and a method for helping people achieve their desired outcome. While heal your life® coaching may seem similar to life coaching, under the hood there are significant differences. - Heal Your Life® coaching operates on the fundamental principle of Louise Hay’s work which is our thoughts create our reality. - In Heal Your Life® coaching, there’s a big focus on you – the development of your self-esteem, self -worth and confidence in your abilities as a part of the solution regardless of the part of your life you want to change - As heal your life® coach I am committed to assisting my clients in connecting with their knowing self, the spiritual or intuitive parts of themselves. I promote the development of inner skills like reflections, introspection exercises, meditation, visualization, changing perspective through alternate thought processes, - And an exclusive and most famous is the use of heal your life® ‘treatments’ with the clients in changing their thoughts and hence their reality. - As a heal your life® coach I listen with an open mind open heart and open well to go beyond curiosity, empathy and create possibilities A heal your life® coach like a gardener of people’s lives, weeding, nurturing, and nourishing his or her clients, encouraging them to grow in their way and bloom in their colors.

Contact Details

0124 4143565

103, Bldg K1, Central Park 1, Sector 42 Intuitive Wizdom, Sector 42, Gurugram, Haryana, India

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