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When in Doubt…

Doubt is good. It gives us answers to weigh our pros and cons. Imagine the mundanity of the world without the word- doubt.

All of us are seeking answers, some within and some out. With the new age thinking, the life purpose has been given a lot of importance. We believe that our life needs to have a mission and it needs to be fulfilled. It is like chasing a target, meeting a deadline, completing a task.

We all fear that ‘what if’ we leave this planet without fulfilling what we are sent here to achieve? It makes me smile when I hear this as a concern. It’s time that now as a race, as a civilization, we connect at a level much deeper than our daily routines, our monthly targets and our personal ambitions.Connection in line with our global goals is the need of the hour.

We are so empowered with technology, knowledge and information like no other time. When we believe that we are a part of a bigger plan, much greater than us, much larger than our dreams and desires and way beyond our comprehension, our focus tends to shift from doubt to faith. Instead of waiting for answers to pop in our heads, get up and seek them. Instead of sitting in our comfort zone, take a leap of faith.

Here are some practical hands on tips to make doubt work for you instead of it driving you crazy:

ACKNOWLEDGE and accept this new friend- doubt

LIVE IN PRESENT, as master Oogway says- Today is a gift that’s why it is called Present.

Doubt is directly linked to our SELF-CONFIDENCE, Confidence is our ability to confide in our self. We may not need confidence in ourselves but confidence in a higher plan greater than us is good enough to start with.

We tend to doubt ourselves when we lack evidence of success. PROVIDE EVIDENCES OF SUCCESS to yourself from past, pat your back, talk about your achievements, no matter how big or small they are.

RECONNECT with people who acknowledge your presence, your success and have been a part or contributors of that.

BE CREATIVE- find a constructive outlet, it could be writing, painting, baking, walking or anything which can be cathartic. It puts us in a relaxed state of mind, also clears our head.

And finally, RETREAT. It means go within to seek answers. Because what we seek is often with in us.

Give yourself the time and be patient with the process. It’s like looking inside a deep well of water which may look scary when you are peeping from the surface but when you take a leap of faith and decide to step in, it reveals all sorts of wonderful scenes. May be the wall is painted with the answer you are seeking. Maybe there is a secret door which can lead to a kingdom like Narnia. Who knows, the possibilities are endless. Trust, have faith and believe that there is a force bigger and greater than us which can lead us to ways beyond our comprehension. So from now on, when in doubt…Retreat!

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